Healthcare Solutions

Move your EMR and PM apps into a HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Legal Office Solutions

Your Practice Management apps accessible from office or courthouse.

CPA Solutions

Use full QuickBooks and access your clients financials with ease.

Small Office Solutions

Everything an office worker needs, no server required.

1) Upgrade your business network

2) Get UNLIMITED SUPPORT for all your apps

3) Have your entire IT systems RELIABLY BACKED UP

Basic Desktop.

Need Apps? And you need remote access, backup, and someone to call if you need help?

You need the WeeBee Basic Desktop. Access the apps you need safely and securely.


  • Microsoft Office 2010 Standard
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange email account
  • Unlimited support from LIVE people in the US
  • Pay month-to-month

Check it out

Business Builder.

Starting a business and need technology? Or do you have a business and just need to start over?

The WeeBee Business Builder provides all the software, services, and support your business needs for up to FIVE users in one simple package.


  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange email accounts
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Site
  • Company website


noun      \ˈwē\ˈbē\ˈaps\

  1. Provider of exceptional cloud services for small and medium businesses

  2. Practices the WeeBee Help method to be whatever the user needs to get his work done happily and productively! Synonyms


  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, TaaS, VDI, Virtual Desktops, Hosted Desktops, Flat-Rate IT, Pay-As-You-Go (seriously, if we make you suffer through these geek terms on our site, please shoot us)